Native Indigenous Student Awards

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Native Indigenous Student Awards Ceremony

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Student Awards will not be live this year

Nominees and Winners announced below

Winners & Nominees:

Doc Shorts

  • Bepuwaveh – WINNER
  • Whispers: The Fading Legacy
  • Storytelling with the Elders
  • We Are Still Hemish Strong
  • Katishtya Strong
  • 35,567 Yu’pik Stories
  • Coming of Age Ceremony
  • Red Woman
  • Tizoc’s Island
  • Water, Star Medicine
  • White Swan Multi Media Club: Trauma

Live Action

  • Separation – WINNER
  • Ya’at’eeh, Shimasani


  • Crown Dancers
  • The Radioactive Lizard
  • Xigarette
  • Good Life

The Native Indigenous Student Academy of Cinematic Arts is an international student academy of excellence in film competition, first established in 1995 with the name Native Youth Matter – If I Can See It I Can Be It. Since 1995, Native and Indigenous students have always been included in the submission process for RNCI program ‘Red Nation International Film Festival’ however in 2021, RNCI Board of Directors recognized that the students needed their own stand alone film festival and awards ceremony.

In 2022, RNCI reimagined the contributions that Native and Indigenous Students have brought to the table through their lens hence Native Indigenous Student Academy for Cinematic Arts was born.

#NotTodayColonizer #WhoTellsTheStoryMatters

The Native Indigenous Student Academy for Cinematic Arts Awards is an international student film competition, established in 1995.

Each year, students from North American Indian, First Nation Peoples of Canada, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and International Indigenous Peoples from Mexico, South America, New Zealand, age range 10-25 years (College, University), enrolled (full-time or part-time) in a degree-granting program at an eligible school when the film was made or from a Native Reservation or Native based school compete for awards with films being judged in the following categories: Animation, Documentary, Live Action Narrative and Alternative/Experimental.

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