Coming of Age Ceremony

Coming of Age Ceremony

Doc Short | 9:54

This coming of age film focuses on the Mescalero Apache Tribe, featuring interviews with members from different generations. The film explores their unique experiences and perspectives on growing up Native American, from traditional ceremonies and teachings, to dealing with effects of historical trauma and modern day challenges. Through their personal stories, the film highlights the resilience and strength of the Mescalero Apache people and their commitment to persevering their culture and traditions for future generations to come.

Director(s) Caydence Palmer
Producer(s) Caydence Palmer, Shanna Cochise
Writer(s) Caydence Palmer, Shanna Cochise
Videographer(s) Caydence Palmer, Jaden Starr
Key Cast Kyra Smith, Ashlynn Rocha
Teacher Marty Lane