Deprived Live Action | 8:46 A young man is trapped in this ongoing cycle where he realizes the brokenness of the world. Will he continue down this rabbit hole, or will he realign himself and gain new perspective? Director(s) Megan James Watch For Free Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email

The Sound of Drums

The Sound of Drums Live Action | 10:12 The film is about a Cree Indian kid, named Rye. Rye is trying to find what he loves. Rye used to dance Pow Wow when he was a kid and it made him really happy. As he grew up, he slowly drifted from this passion. After seeing […]

Remembering the Children: The Red Deer Indian Industrial School

Remembering the Children: The Red Deer Indian Industrial School Documentary | 1:04:23 For over 100 years, many of the Indigenous children of Canada were forcefully taken from their families and sent hundred or thousands of kilometers away to Residential Schools whose purpose was to take away their language and culture and replace it with that […]

Lost Travelers

Lost Travelers Animation | 2:17 Living deep in the forest, three mushrooms, Owen, Agaric, and Virgo went out scavenging for supplies. While out in the woods, they encounter a glowing light in the distance and decide to investigate. They chase the light and make an amazing discovery. Director(s) Isaac Boss Watch For Free Share: Facebook […]

Game Night

Game Night Live Action | 2:47 A girl who lost her zest for life is launched into a series of games against a menacing figure. Director(s) Cadence Grace BarredaProducer(s) Cadence Grace Barreda Watch For Free Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email

Good Life

Good Life Animation | 5:38 After a long road trip, Reyes decides to rest in a motel, but his stay will be different from how he imagined. Director(s) Daniel Jasso MezaProducer(s) Daniel Jasso MezaWriter(s) Daniel Jasso MezaKey Cast Mauricio Cortes, Daniel Jasso MezaArt Designer Lucero ArmadilloBackgrounds Aurora Quezada, Rosa Rivera, Sophia Abigail Olivares Watch For […]


Xigarette Animation | 12:45 What few know about Xanat is that she lives a secret identity under her nerd facade. At her crazy party tonight, she’ll grow out of her BFF rockstar, Lila, and her old elementary school friend, Alejandra. Director(s) Sebastián JaioviProducer(s) Sebastián JaioviWriter(s) Sebastián JaioviKey Cast Renata Angeles, Mariana San Martin, Andy Michelle […]


DUSK Animation | 8:29 In this cutting-edge experimental multi-media short film, Lego stop-motion, live-action, and 2D animation meld to create stunning effects and tell a tragic story of an orphan teen struggling to care for his younger brother. Director(s) Pono WongProducer(s) Pono WongWriter(s) Pono Wong Watch For Free Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email

The Radioactive Lizard

The Radioactive Lizard Animation | 5:00 This is a story about a radioactive horn toad lizard who is morphed into a giant creature. The creature is trying to survive life. Director(s) Ethan SamWriter(s) Ethan SamCinematographer Tinasha KayeTeacher Renee Armentrout Watch For Free Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email

Crown Dancers

Crown Dancers Animation | 5:00 This animation highlights the importance of the traditional dances performed by the Crown Dancers and the Clowns of the Mescalero Apaches. This animation will help those who need to become more familiar with our traditions and will give a better understanding of the reasons why we do these dances. Let […]